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  • Jul 30th 2020 at 4:03 AM
    What is the Food Game?

    Hi, I'm Klara!

    I own a popular traffic exchange called Hungry For Hits as well as The Food Game.

    The traffic exchange is very popular and active site where you can receive free traffic, but what is the Food Game? Basically it's a fun game you can play while surfing and advertising online. It also lets you advertise and build downlines in all the participating traffic exchanges.

    The Food Game banner

    In this game you are a chef and you can collect ingredients, learn recipes and cook dishes. You can claim all the things you need for this by surfing in the participating traffic exchanges.

    To claim Food Game prizes from a traffic exchange, click the chef hat that appears every 25 pages when you surf there.

    When you cook a dish, you will earn points. Prizes go to for example the people with the most points total, most prizes collected, most mini events completed or highest points for a dish. There are also some random prizes and there is $42 in cash prizes every week.

    Anyone can get lucky and cook a masterpiece, an epic or legendary dish which will give you a score way above the rest.

    The more recipes you know, the more different dishes you can cook. You can get new recipes as prizes from the participating traffic exchanges.

    Once you join and log in, please start with the Tutorial. There is a link to it on top of your member home page. It will teach you how to play, and give you some free gifts.

    Click here to join the Food Game!
    Click here to join Hungry For Hits!

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What is the Food Game?
Jul 30th 2020 at 4:03 AM
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